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Our 8 Point Quality Guarantee

Our 8 Point Quality Guarantee

These are 8 things we can guarantee when you hire us.

 1. No paint we apply will crack or peel within 5 years due to application errors.

2. Receptacles and covers will be free of paint that we apply or they will be replaced free of charge.

3. Your walls and ceilings will be dusted with the proper equipment prior to painting.

4. Dirty surfaces will be adequately cleaned before paint is applied.

5. All dust will be contained in the work area.

6. Our work area will be tidied up at the end of the day. Tools and equipment will be stored in a mutually agreed upon area.

7. Our vehicles will be clean, presentable, and not leak oil on your property.

8. We will clean and restore the work area at the end of the job.