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Exterior Painting

exterior painting

Painting the exterior of your home is no easy task. It requires extensive prep work, the use of large ladders, and knowledge of the proper coatings for the substrates (building materials) you’ll encounter. Do you want to, and can you paint it or stain it? What sheen and where? What is an elastomeric coating? Can you paint vinyl siding?

Prep Work

When prepping the exterior of a home for paint you must ALWAYS pressure wash the substrate. This will ensure there is no mold, dirt, pollen, or dust, you name it, on the areas to be painted in order to avoid premature failure of a coating.

Repairing rotted wood on your home can turn into as big a job as painting it. We possess basic carpentry skills, but we are professional painters. That being said we know when it’s time to call in one of our friends to complete repair work. We have an extensive network of trusted individuals and companies we refer, and sub-contract work to.

Caulking is another important, often over looked, part of prepping for an exterior paint job. The right caulk will expand and contract with your substrate and will help prevent water from getting behind the siding or stucco on your home. It also can be confusing for inexperienced people as they often tend to caulk the joints between siding boards. This is a big mistake as they are your homes main source of ventilation.

The right primer is another huge element in prepping for exterior paint. Bare woods, especially cedar, need to be primed with an oil or alkyd based, stain blocking primer to prevent the dark tannins in the wood from bleeding through the finish paint.

Finish Paint

            Selecting a line, sheen, and color of paint for your home is not rocket science, but without the proper knowledge you can be in big trouble soon after the brushes are clean and the paint is dry. Different lines of paint are made for different applications. Some come with better warranties and guarantees than others. Sherwin Williams Duration exterior paint line carries a lifetime warranty with it, unlike some of their other exterior coatings. We work closely with our suppliers and know their coatings in and out.

            Substrate also plays a role in the coating you select. For example if you have a stucco home you could go with the normal 100% Acrylic based latex paint, or you could upgrade to a longer lasting elastomeric coating designed specifically for your masonry home.

             Let’s say you have old vinyl siding on your home. Did you know that by choosing the wrong color you could void your homeowner’s policy? Or worse by putting to dark a color on light siding the heat from the sun could cause it to warp and look hideous, if not fall right off your home. That would create a major headache.