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Interior Painting

Interior painting proves to be the hardest type of painting in the field. Cutting a straight line, keeping a clean job site, and performing proper prep work are tasks that are not as easy as they may look. Having the interior of your home professionally painted will often save you time, money, and give you a personal look you can be proud of.

 Color Ideas

            You will be looking at the walls in your home for as long as you live there. Color selection is a very important aspect of painting. Décor and appliances can easily be swapped out for new looks, but painting is a time consuming process, so getting the color right is imperative. You could go trendy and use Pantone’s color of the year. Using neutral colors is almost always a good call. Gray walls along with colorful décor have proven to be a great look. Blending the colors of your home together to bring out your personality is a difficult process, but we can help make it fun with honest suggestions or a referral to a quality interior designer. Just remember your walls are only as great as the painter who paints them.

 Prep Work

            You may encounter water stains, popcorn ceilings, multiple layers of wall paper, holes, and rippled tape seams when preparing to paint the inside of your home. You could take a lengthy course on each of these issues and their repair, as well as many more. Moving and covering expensive furniture, cabinets, and counter tops is even difficult at times. If you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t have the right material this can be a costly mistake. You’ll need a quality oil primer for stains. Patience is a virtue when removing popcorn or wall paper, and the art of spackling isn’t something most people can learn overnight. We’ve learned how to fix these problems, and perfected the art of doing so. Time is money, so save some by hiring us to complete your interior painting project.

 The Right Tools

            Not sure how to reach the top of your two story foyer? Ladders and scaffolding is a good start. Don’t risk hurting yourself. Hiring a properly insured company like Sullivan’s Painting is a much safer idea. We know what brushes and roller covers to use with today’s complex coatings. Do you know the differences between natural, synthetic, and blended roller covers and when and where you should use them? How about the difference between and soft medium and hard brush that’s flat angled or oval angled? Painting is a simple idea, but perfecting it and making your home beautiful is quite complicated.

 Paint Brand and Sheen

            Kitchen painting and bathroom painting call for coatings that can be scrubbed clean more often than other areas of your home. Selecting the right sheen in a high quality line of paint is crucial for the life of your walls. We offer a good, better, best selection to home owners.

 Lines, Lines, Lines

            We sell premium hand painted lines! Cutting (painting) up against a ceiling or painting around kitchen cabinets isn’t easy. We’re in tune with our brushes we no how to get into the tight spots and keep things looking clean. Tape has a place in our tool bag, and usually only comes out when we need to protect something from splatter. You want your home to look clean and consistent, hiring us to paint it in phases is a great way to achieve that without a huge financial burden all at once.